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About Us


Who:   I’m Laura Holmes, founder & creative behind Kluster Happy Jewelry. I design happy jewelry for happy people.  Born and raised in Louisville, I was brought up by a pack of entrepreneurs. I come from a very large extended-family of business owners, and I was immersed in the crazy, hectic, wonderful world of small biz from the time I could tie my own shoes. I remember waking up early all through elementary school, just so I could “go to work” with my dad and sneak in a kid-sized coffee before it was off to school.  All through high school and college, I worked at the family businesses after school and during summers. I loved it. I loved being needed. I loved making a difference. I loved talking to customers. I loved being the boss (well, the boss’ daughter, at least). Indeed, it was the entrepreneur’s life for me.

What:   Kluster Happy Jewelry began in 2011 as an Etsy shop, and quickly grew into the private label boutique jewelry brand it is today. I’m proud to tell you that every Kluster design is still made by hand in the USA!

When:   In 2009, I left my full-time accounting job to start P is for Possible, my small business consulting firm. P is for Possible is still alive and well today, and I continue to enjoy one-on-one time with my small biz clients. In late 2011, quite by accident, my long-time hobby making jewelry took on a life of its own and morphed into Kluster Happy Jewelry.  Kluster has grown so much since that first year!

Why:   Designing (aka playing) with colorful jewels was always my creative outlet, and now I’m lucky enough to integrate that creative side into every day. I’m so proud that we only use genuine gemstones and sterling silver in each of our designs – our quality is truly what sets us apart. Kluster’s ever-evolving collection is inspired by the everyday, on-the-go woman, with a passion for fashion (and bright colors, of course).

Where:    Today, we have a beautifully designed home office (thanks to Natalie O Design), a dedicated studio/design space, and a team that can’t be beat! Every single piece of Kluster jewelry is still handmade from scratch in our studio in Louisville. 

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